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2010-11-18 - 7:04 p.m.

The works server has been misbehaving and it s still not quite straight. Yesterday I caught a bus to Kingston – I had never done that trip before. The bus wandered round Hampton down streets I didn’t recognise in the dark. Suddenly a big bridge loomed out of the darkness and I realised we were there much earlier than I planned. I had to find a place along by the river. It took a bit of time but finally I found the right restaurant. I still had half an hour so I went to a nearby pub and read more about the aesthetics of electronic music. I went back to the restaurant and there was the person I had come to meet – we had last seen each other in the early 70s – in Brighton. We had a good conversation over a couple of glasses of wine, partly about design history and the thinkers from related fields who had influenced the best approach to the topic. Too soon it was time to catch the bus back.

Gilbert has suggested some new approaches which make me think I need some new loops. I am finding it difficult to access the material on the SMS disc as the software keeps locking. I am beginning to find this very annoying. I watched the Culture Show on C D Friedrich.

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