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2010-11-17 - 10:53 a.m.

Bear started out with Bowie's China Girl. This phase is sometimes criticised for reasons I don't get - I like the groove and the lead gtr and the vocals are as good as ever. I sent three new pieces to Gilbert this morning. The seminar on 23 November has been cancelled. Bear followed up China Girl with Voodoo Child.

Our latest offering 10+4 is here


It is only 30 minutes long which shows that we are mostly working on the small scale. There is one lute piece, some with Gilbert's jazz guitar, some vocalising with the solos and no flute. One remix from the Short Stories which I quite like - other than that the music is from this year. The cover will be added shortly. I am thinking I might take up the flute if I get a Tascam or Zoom portable recorder

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