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2010-11-16 - 9:47 a.m.

A bit of a slow start to the week. I didn’t manage to get the next four tracks onto Ten from 2010. I did watch the first episode of the new series of Miranda. I also listened to Woman’s Hour where they were interviewing a woman who worked on the River Lea Navigation. She kept on talking about Bow Locks. At last some decent self criticism from the ever self-righteous WH. Rob mailed about how much they enjoyed the HHancock band at RFH.

I did manage to churn out another number – it’s nearly 4 minutes long and builds on the last two numbers. I have an idea about macro structure and this piece has a macrostructure similar to Uptown on the new album but it also takes material from Colder also on the new album. Is it sufficiently original to deserve a life of its own I ask myself and currently I give a positive answer. The piece came out in one – not much process of revision or development. The original idea started life on the gtr. I am up to 139 links on linkedin. I have also started another piece which will need development. I listened through to most of 10 from 2010 but then Last FM disappeared.

The bear started reasonably well this morning with the Hounds of Winter and then One Place fb Deniece Williams’ Free – lovely 70s soft soul. I need a haircut. The new piece is called Joint. The works' comms seem to be down.

The bear also played LS1 which rather anticipates where we have currently ended up.

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