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2010-11-15 - 11:00 a.m.

Gilbert suggested 10 tracks which were within the more than 10 that I had selected. I put these tracks onto Last FM under the title Ten from 2010, The total time was only just over 20 minutes - and so an extra 4 tracks got scheduled which I have yet to add. There isn't a cover either. Annie Lennox was on Woman's Hour - something I don't usually listen to. I mailed Rob about the item about the locks on the River Lea. I was amazed to hear that the River Lea includes Bow Locks esp on WH - but it does and they did. I have replaced the lead connecting my external sound box to the hifi and of course it sounds much better. Having issued (nearly) fourteen tracks dating over about the last six months, I am wondering whether there is material in my archive from 2010 which deserves not to be overlooked.

I phoned Paul B last night - back from Germany last week and going to Madrid today, about now. He is busy for these next two weeks. There was an e-mail from M. The bear played LS3 or Dayin-dayout which sounded as modern as anything on 2010. This must be a track off the AWE32 before I threw it away. Not many tracks in that category - unless some have survived on Minidisc. I have a decent player but no discs here.

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