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2010-11-14 - 9:04 a.m.

The bear had a moment of lucidity when he played MJ's Human Nature followed by Cassandra Wilson's version of Time After Time. Gilbert and I decided to review the recordings in the approved folder - it took about 2 hours to despatch the 30 or so tracks . I wish I could find my CW CDs esp her version of The Waters of March. Another mol from the bear when he followed Small Hours with We're Going Wrong. I am up to 136 links on linkedin. I found Mark Pavey and sent him a link. Gilbert and I decided to take the selection by decades - 1 to 10 then 11 to 20 etc. I found it easier than I expected. There are a least ten decent tracks to go into our next release. In fact we converged on ten pretty quickly There was a good French film on C4 last night. I was surprised to see Brian May playing in the Remembrance concert at the Albert Hall. I think Paul may be back from Germany. There's a new idea for a piece emerging from the gtr.

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