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2010-11-07 - 11:45 a.m.

SMS software was not behaving and I couldn’t make progress with the idea I had about the two from one gtr line. I watched the Robert Plant evening on BBC2. I thought I saw a Danelectro U2 in various of his backing bands. Digging on the net I discovered that his current MD uses a Danelectro baritone plus a weird Italian gtr. I thought once I twice I saw the distinctive scratch plate of the U2. I see that it is still possible to buy both models new for a reasonable price. A suggested alternative is the Squire Duosonic which made me regret giving mine away. RP emerged as an interesting person particularly in his digging into African desert music. I am less sure about his stock in trade although I like the celebrated album with A Krauss. I also looked up Scott Walton on the net – there is quite a bit of material. Dr Z mailed about philosophy and the history of jokes. I read AK’s diary. Here’s a review of the concert I went to a fortnight ago:

Helmut Lachenmann is to instrumental technique what The Joy of Sex was to suburban nookie. A conduit to a whole new carnal world. Even those of us supposedly well versed in what a stringed instrument can do watched the Arditti Quartet perform the Lachenmann string quartets at the Queen Elizabeth Hall mouths agape. You can do that? With that! And you're going to stick that where?! We were an audience of gawpers and grimacers, smilers and starers.

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