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2010-11-05 - 3:39 p.m.

I have some new stations on LFM – Radio Constanza and Radio Nicola Hitchcock (from Mandalay) – they are heavily slanted towards triphop. Dr Z has just met Judith Butler whom he seems to like. PW mailed about the mid-terms and I fwded the article to James. Rob mailed about Hhancock and Laurence mailed about the BSI CSR event which has sold out before I could get on the list. I am up to 120 links. Rolls Royce mailed about their Qantas problem. The bear played the Fire Sermon followed by the Hounds of Winter. I did a remix of piece which included reversing the gtr solo but it still seemed to fit. I sent the thing to Gilbert though to be honest maybe I should have worked on it more. Bear played Three Hours which sounded the best – then Lamb and Andmoreagain. Keith mailed about a seminar next week and so I put in an application. My sister is getting a lot of feedback from her TV news appearance.

I took that remix on a stage – it’s not that long now. I have had to relearn the basic harmonic idea that the thing is built on. I think RLJ1 is better than RLJ2 – it could even be better than RLJ3. There is another RLJ album that looks tempting – from around 1989. Amazon wrote suggesting I buy Love and Its Opposite – I think I probably will – plus A Distajnt Shore which may take me a bit longer. They also are still plugging David Toop’s book. The bear was on reasonable form – he played Collection 09 which I thought sounded quite good. He also played Baroksambience which will amaze me as I get older. I liked the Escort Extended remix of It’s All True.

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