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2010-11-02 - 5:10 p.m.

I met up with Rob at the usual pub in Covent Garden about 4.45pm. It emerged that following the J Tchicai gig at Café Oto, Rob is planning to buy Ascension. I said that this was known as a difficult album but he said he had taken this into account. We talked about the possibility of going to the Hhancock concerts on 13 & 14 November. We had planned to go to Café Oto for the Wire Salon with Terry Riley but I got an e-m to say it was already sold out. So went to Boat-ting instead where the bill was as follows except there was an extra guitar player:

Sharon Gal Voice
Noel Taylor Clarinet
Guillaume Vittard Double Bass

Steve Noble Drums
Sam Coxhill-Davis Guitar

Steve Beresford Electronics
Alan Tomlinson Trombone
Roger Turnet Drums

Zolan Quobble Poetry

The poetry was excellent and I liked the trio built round voice. I was amazed by the range of sound S Beresford got out of his electronics. The music didn’t finish until well past 11.00pm. I was surprised how full the club was and also how many people of my generation were there.

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