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2010-10-31 - 10:24 p.m.

On Saturday I left about 11.30am and caught the tube to Victoria. I changed my 150 euros and bought a copy of the Word before catching a train to East Croydon where I bought a coffee. Before long the train to Uckfield arrived. Arriving there I went and bought a loaf, some smoked salmon and a razor and then waited for a taxi to East Hoathly and found Sue’s house. Sue has two dogs and three cats. She made scrambled eggs and smoke salmon on toast. Some Ravel piano music was playing which soon switched to Mother Goose and the Tombeau de Couperin. We took the dogs out for a shortish walk and then we started on the bottle of claret that I had taken. Before long it was time to go to the local pub to eat – I chose Chilli con Carne and a glass of Merlot. We wemt back to the house where Cliff had arrived from the Arsenal/West Ham match. I slept quite well and dreamed of the cats and dogs.

I was the first up then Cliff appeared and eventually Sue. Breakfast was quite a substantial affair of sausages, egg and bacon plus toast. Sue and I listened to Brtten’s St Nicholas which dates from the late forties. We went out with the dogs to Herstmonceux and wandered round the green domes which had once housed the Royal Greenwich Observatory. Then back to East Hoathly to try the other pub which brews its own beer. I eventually caught the 17.17 from Uckfield to Oxted where I changed to a train for Victoria which didn’t get in until just before 7pm.

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