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2010-10-17 - 7:04 p.m.

I watched Matthew Collings on BBC2 last night talking about a Raphael Madonna which was pretty good fun – I still like his style although he looks older now. He delivered a great deal of information in a relaxed fashion. I get Raphael and Titian confused – one died quite young and the other went on into old age. Poor-de-Chirico linked up on LastFM which brings another great Library close to hand. PP has something about Equus. I added another LFM friend. Gilbert’s concerts yesterday went well.

Guitar parts which sound nothing much cold, when doubled and processed can get to sound all right and be a basis for development. There is another such under way which is built around the octonic scale which has brought forward some more chordal ideas on the gtr. I wonder how far to develop it – I think I should leave some room for Gilbert. PW mailed about Obama which I fwded to James and about new ideas which I fwded to Wendy – and about Riverman. I replied about H Robinson and then reminded myself which EBTG track he arranged. Jeff Beck was on breakfast TV. I did some ironing. Only three days to the CSR announcement. I played RLJ1 again. I read somewhere that it’s got a stellar list of sidemen on it – it certainly sounds it.

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