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2010-10-16 - 4:33 p.m.

Ray’s Jazz Café in Foyles is to use a phrase of Miss M, in the Boho Zone. There’s a sign on Charing X Rd to indicate the separate entrance in Foyles frontage and you climb up three floors via a scruffy staircase. There are wooden benches and tables and chairs and a stage with a PA in one corner. It looks as if students from the nearby St Martins School of Art frequent it and there is a smattering older people. Lots of people are working on their laptops. Coffee is reasonably priced but if you want a beer you have to buy some food as well. I looked round Foyles afterwards esp the music section but I didn’t see anything to catch my eye – in particular I couldn’t find a book of HH jazz transcriptions although there were some of Bill Evans. That part of London has gradually moved out of the BZ – there are hardly any music shops left on Charing X Rd and even Turnkey has moved on. Macari’s is about the only one left and I never really liked that place. Its probably different in Denmark St but I didn’t go and look there. I wrote to PW, PB and JC about the event.

I don’t think the fourth version of the octotonic piece is going to just spring into being – Gilbert likes the existing blend and so I’ll leave it at that for a while – except I might pursue the idea of playing octotonic scale in triads on the guitar. I went back to RLJ1 to try and lift my spirits. DrZ has mailed a link to an interview with Iain Thomson. It gradually dawned on me that I have I Ts book on technology, Heidegger and the university. At first I didn’t get on with the book but then I read it in a rush on the tubes. Yesterday it occurred to me that I might be able to find traces of the creation of 10SS in my diary so I read some pages from 2003. I didn’t find anything about composing or arranging but it did strike me what a different world it was then with James leaving for Moscow for the first time. I had plenty to say about what I was reading.

Charlie Alexander mailed about a gig next Saturday in Greenwich with Alexander-Robinson duo – I began to plot how I could link this into the Ardittis at QEH in the afternoon.. Dr Z mailed to say how shocked he was at the state of Higher Educatiion in the UK. Dr Z also mailed round to say that the mathematician Mandlebrot has died. Mandlebrot has given his name to a set which is part of Chaos Theory, indeed it is almost the defining image of it. About twenty years ago I persuaded myself that I knew how the image was created. In my book M is a great man, a visionary.

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