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2010-10-11 - 3:41 p.m.

I tried to order the Being and Event readers’ guide but my credit card has expired – even so Amazon are trying to sell me silly books. More discussion with Gilbert about Sibelius software. J Cole is back in the office. I played the rest of River starting with Sweet Bird. I wonder about my habit of trying time no changes with rock bass timbres. River it was that sent me off in search of the secret of quartals. Another week. I am wondering about developing an mp3 called Edgey. I played through yesterday’s piece which used it – I thought the ending worked OK. I went to the Foyles site to find some jazz performances – there’s Taeko Kunishima who seems to be playing with a flute player I knew at University (also educated at Marlboro). Café Oto mailed – also about Japanese music - Tetuzi Akiyama today week. An exchange with Laurence about government procurement following an R4 item. Another idea appeared using the bossa single string line from yesterday. I played River again because it seems to be good inspiration. I sent the ex-bossa line piece to Gilbert. When the lyric says – I couldn’t let go of LA city of the fallen angels – WS plays out by sticking to quite a simple line but it really amplifies the drama. I put some Barney Kessel on. Yesterday I tried the AC15 setting on the Vamp – not at all like the AC30 but quite usable as well. I discovered BK was a member of the Wrecking Crew.

Dr Z who has been quite silent recently mailed about a conference in Segovia which I fwded to Laurence.

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