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2010-10-10 - 4:02 p.m.

As I said last time, I started to go through the SMS disc looking for new sounds. I found a folder called Soundscapes and messed around with one reversing twice – I added two more gtr-based tracks and ended up with something I was prepared to save. Bette mailed about the Magic Flute in Highgate – apparently there is an issue about performing Mozart in a small space. I am not sure I can see much of a problem just now but we’ll see. I replied about J Cole. I started to play River which I haven’t heard for a while. First is Court and Spark fb Edith and the Kingpin – there’s an undertone of menace in both. I feel I am being influenced by the approach WS takes on this album. I looked up Scott Walton who is performing some duets with Gilbert. My linkedin links are up to 88. The European Commission has launched the Innovation Union. Amazon promoted Badiou on Wagner plus a reader’s guide to Being and Event. I have gone back to Q-bossa which at first I thought was too cheesey but I now like it as a gtr piece. The percussion is rather automatic however. Gilbert mentioned to me that he uses Sibelius – we were discussing how he writes parts for Scott Walton. Desert Island Discs played Itchycoo Park.

I took the piece saved yesterday on a bit further – it s now just over five minutes long – enormous by my standards. I recorded some gtr improv to the Qbossa – just about fluid enough.

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