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2010-10-09 - 1:17 p.m.

I worked out that you get all of Amplified Heart on Works3 – you also get the good bits of Worldwide. I went right the way through Works2 and Works3. There was a letter which I had been putting off opening for a couple of days which I opened.

I went out and actively tried to increase my circle of friends on LFM and added two radio stations. I also spent some time going through my archive – there were several pieces that I thought passed muster. I concluded I should find more loops on SMS – I have been surviving on quite a restricted diet mainly loaded from the net. Duane Eddy was on the Today programme. I think another piece might be on the way starting with an E pedal with a Bm9 and AbmaJ7/Bb – this only leaves F so I thought why not use a 2 octave Fm arpeggio. I have also started to adapt to gtr some of the devices I have applied to gtr lines in SMS to live playing. I take those two chords and repeat them at the fifth fret using an A pedal – and then move into some chords which I had devised earlier around the 12th.

LastFM are running a sign-in promo on Wild About Herself – I mailed JC to tell him. I am getting Latvian pop on one of my new stations. It s always worth mentioning


And it’s always a good idea to listen to RSV1. Gilbert’s concert went well. A new station threw up Three Hours which I haven’t heard in a while. Of course it sounded extraordinary. I added Round Seven to Rounding the Dhorn


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