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2010-10-04 - 8:44 p.m.

The job in Bristol is not going to happen although apparently the bid was seen as OK – just not the best. There were more exchanges on the LEPs. I sent Gilbert an mp3 of the piece I did yesterday with a different intro. I was still thinking about how to get through all twelve tones in a few chords. I came up with a method that just involved two adjacent chords – one with a kind of suspension flowing into another which held one note over. I wrote this up in SMS and tried a set of progressions on this basis. I deliberately made the bassline relatively atonal. I tried a few gtr phrases but didn’t record anything. The octotonic scale seemed quite successful. Gilbert mailed back that he preferred the new intro. He has a concert at the end of this week. I mailed him the sketch I made today to see if it appealed for improv. He suggested I add some gtr lines. The Wire arrived in the e-ms with a salon later this week on field recording and a mega event in a month’s time. I noted that sound art had turned up in the current Turner prize.

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