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2010-10-03 - 5:40 p.m.

I was thinking about tone rows – eg take two three note quartals a semitone apart – EAD & FBbEb – what’s left? C#CBG#GF# which might be another straight quartal C#F#B and a major seventh G#CG. Or it could be the minor seventh G#BF# and the quartal C#GC. Arguably this last chord could progress to the minor seventh.

I played Olive Extra Virgin which I had dismissed as a one hit CD but Miracle is quite nice and there’s a studio and live version plus two versions of the big hit – You’re Not Alone. The record was made in 1996 which is a long time ago. I sent the bear off into my library about 11.30am and he came back with Alice Coltrane, then Pole. Not much in the way of e-ms. Then bear chose There is a Light that Never Goes Out which we haven’t heard for a bit. Amazon wrote to me about Badiou on Wagner which costs £50 discounted – I am not doing very well with Being and Event. Bear put on TT It’s All True and a remix of Never Too Much which didn’t really respect the original groove. In the afternoon there were two new links and more material on LEPs. Gilbert sent three recordings for Apedal. The software wasn’t on best behaviour but I got them mixed. I liked the sound of his Epiphone.

Today PW sent a draft pastiche that he has written. I decided to let my reclusive instincts prevail. The bear played Dixie Cups’ Iko Iko which was a favourite in a youth club I went to as a teenager. I switched to Radio Anitabeba which started with Life During Wartime from Stop Making Sense, a DVD I used to own. Laurence mailed about the duties of leaders in the financial sector. After lunch I decided to see how the U2 sounded plugged into the Cube and then fed via the headphone socket into the audio/USB interface. I thought a bit more about quartal chords a semitone apart and I realised that a 5note quartal – on the top 5 strings of the guitar, slid up a semitone left only a final fourth which could be played on the lower strings. I put some beats into SMS and recorded a riff on this basis – in two positions. The sound of the gtr was very clean but it was possible to give more colour using the SMS effects. I added a bass line and some rhythm loops and gradually built up something just under 2 minutes in length. I also recorded some Dhorn through the Cube. I used to use it for recording the flute. I sent the piece off to Gilbert as an mp3. He mailed back suggesting a different intro and also with a selection amongst the 3 mixes I did yesterday.

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