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2010-09-23 - 3:23 p.m.

Yesterday Gilbert gave the thumbs up to the long piece which uses a Schoenberg short piano piece – he asked what scale the guitar used. It’s certainly one which I like at the moment hovering between tonality and atonality. Gilbert seems to have his performance schedule under control. I have been away from Patteran Pages for a while and returning I see some weighty material has been offered there. I was interested to learn that AK had visited Great Missenden where Paul, Bette and Cathie used to live. My laptop is getting full – one answer would be to buy a standalone hard disc but they do tend to be vulnerable. I tried the Vamp software disc and found a sequencer but not much else. I was hoping there might be some VST effects to hand.

The amps on the Vamp are divided into four types – clean, blues, nu-metal and rock. I have been rather neglecting the last category which contains the classic Marshall sound, for example besides the AC30 which is my personal default I tried some typical jazz changes with the Marshall and then some synthy sounds against them from the library. I wasn’t really satisfied with this. Amazon asked if I wanted to buy Hood’s Minimal Nation – I’d like to own it but I don’t want to pay £25. I have realised that it’s next week that John Tchicai is on at Café Oto. Amazon have also asked if I want to review SMS to which the answer has to be agreement.

This morning I tried to get the bear going but the comms kept failing. Finally I went back to the library of mp3s and WAVs and played things from it at random – a short story, something from NYC0303 based on a Bob Dylan song and plenty more. After a bit I switched to that smooth kd lang cd from the mid 1990s – it’s only ten tracks. Then at last I managed to reach Radio Joanie87 which kicked off with Miss M and All I Really Want To Do – much needed feelgood music especially with the rain. Then some Goldfrapp who I don’t really get. There s a lot of piano music on this station and next up was something out of book 2 of Debussy’s Preludes - Fireworks. I prefer Book 1 but I am not complaining. It was played by Michaelangeli who I don’t know. Then John Taverner choral music. ABBA features on this station – fortunately it was one of the decent later songs. Can I resurrect those Marshall tone stabs – perhaps.

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