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2010-09-22 - 11:33 a.m.

I started to record the gtr onto SMS on Monday playing against some fairly abstract soundtracks I sent a couple of the resulting tracks to Gilbert who said that we should keep them for development. I took one of the guitar soundtracks and thickened it by repeating it a fifth down and then experimented with a couple of added tracks, including one short story. I decided not to go to Boat-ting.. Yesterday lunchtime I sent the resulting short story remix to Gilbert. Sue wrote asking about the Evening track I had sent her with lute and Dhorn. Rob mailed about the possibility of doing something next week. I kept the bear mostly on SV1 Radio but I did give him a rest just before lunchtime by listening to Hejira. I reached 80 links on linkedin. I read the CBI submission to the Comprehensive Spending Review and a draft response to the consultation on skills policy.

This morning I loaded an SMS song which had caught my eye because of the softsynths used. I deleted everything except these softsynth parts and reduced them to an mp3. Then I loaded that file into a new SMS song and reversed the track and fiddled a bit with the beginning and end. Then I loaded the mp3 of the Schoenberg Little Piano Piece at the start of the first track and introduced some extracts from that track along the synth track. Lastly I put a certain amount of guitar onto the track particularly an octonic motif. Then it was finished and I rendered the result down to an mp3 which I sent to Gilbert. He has a lot of performances coming up which I do not envy him.

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