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2010-09-20 - 2:02 p.m.

The technology started the day badly and I thought I was going to have a very disappointing time. I loaded Windows Media Player and played through the laptop library on shuffle which was surprisingly good value. I went into last FM CJAM Music and created an EP called Rounding the Dhorn. It’s here


There wasn’t much e/m traffic – a poster for a nuclear seminar in Birmingham. I quite liked the library as it played through. Several versions of Two Again appealed to me. When I stood up I felt a bit shakey so I made myself a cup of strong coffee. I found some Bark gtr and loaded it into SMS and then added some piano with the gtr parts in fourths apart – I put wawa on the piano and sent the thing to Gilbert.

On Friday I bought some underwear – I noticed at the weekend that it advises the user not get fire near it

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