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2010-09-15 - 2:33 p.m.

Yesterday I sent Gilbert a sound piece – he was busy rehearsing for a lute concert in November. This morning I sent PW a canon and a synth piece – he mailed back some comments. I hauled bear out of bed at 9.15am and got him working on SV1 radio which threw up the Detroit Experiment – a track I had forgotten – plus Part’s B Britten memorial which reminded me of the 90s.. PP has something about publishing poetry. – the ultimate goal for the poet. Then the bear broke off communications and couldn’t be raised. HSL was ready to hand – it played on shuffle starting with Sweet Bird. The other day I asked PW if he could remember how much we liked this album when it first arrived – yes he very much could. Golden in time, cities under the sand, power ideals and beauty fading in everyone’s hands..Then Shadows and Light. The sequence is part of the impact of this album and when it’s disrupted by the shuffle all sorts of new angles appear. This is surely one of her best – for me it knocks Blue into a cocked hat.. I never really thought of it being jazzy but I suppose it must be. Too proud to step outside the Boho Dance even if fortune allows. I mailed Gilbert the latest canon.

I decided life is too short to go without a Behringer Vamp 3 especially as it comes with a USB connection. Dr Z mailed the French contents page of one of his increasingly popular books – made me think I should read it in English. Dr Z starts

‘’Ne commençons pas par le doute radical. Partons d’une vision plus naïve. Il y a quelque chose que la philosophie a en commun avec la vie des scientifiques, des banquiers et des animaux : tous ont affaire à des objets. Mais quelle est la signification exacte du mot « objet » ? C’est ce que l’on va développer dans le présent livre car, sous ce terme, il faut aussi ranger des entités qui ne sont ni physiques ni même réelles. En effet, à côté de diamants, de cordes ou de neutrons, les objets peuvent aussi inclure des armées, des monstres, des cercles carrés et des communautés internationales, réelles ou fictives. L’ontologie doit pouvoir rendre compte de tous ces objets au lieu de les disqualifier ou de les réduire à des riens méprisables.’’

I went back to Whitesell on JM – I have stayed away from his interpretations since reading the book right through to start. I suppose I may also need some headphones.. I switched to North Marine Drive which seemed charmimg – even the Dylan cover. I lifted an instrumental intro into SMS but didn’t really get anywhere with it.. Interesting to read about AK in NZ.. I got the bear up again at 2.20pm and he went for an obscure bit of soul by Clarence Reid. I worked my way down to those e/ms I really didn’t want to deal with but couldn’t delete. King Kooba was next up. I have arranged to go to Brill on Saturday and then Gfd on Sunday via Oxford.

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