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2010-09-14 - 4:04 p.m.

I decided to give the bear a rest this morning so itís back to Works3 to charm my ears. Maybe HSL to follow. Not much sleep last night.

Doing my CV yesterday was easy enough but a bit of surprise to go back over all that history.I walked up to the shops to post a letter and get a can of Bud from the Polish shop. I wrote to Derek about graphics. In the evening I worked on Evening and did an oboe and a clarinet version. Gilbert thinks the clarinet is better and I probably agree. I also knocked out a derivative from the oboe and clarinet parts. I have sent this to PW who liked one of the earlier derivatives. I also did some work on Schoenberg Little Piano Piece2 which will take some time to get right. There was an e-m from the lead guitarist from the old school band Ė I sent him some links to CJAM Music. Alan Cummings was interesting chasing his family history on BBC1. The first track off Amplified Heart is such a delight with D Thompson on the bottom end and conga drums. I am not coming out til Iím feeling ready / not coming out while Iím still unsteady. Also Ė with your troubled mind itís like a goods train running through my life. I wonder what it would be like working on site with strangers? I am getting quite strong reactions from some friends about the possibility of doing something on defence. I have this notion that when I play an mp3 of a piece on the Windows Media Player the quality of the patterns tells you something about the meaning of the piece.

I played kdlangís tasteful mid 90s album. That was a real bargain. I am thinking I will write a piece with an octotonic scale. I like playing a 3 octave octatonic on guitar. I put on the Philadelphia Expt as I keep on not recognising it when the bear plays a track. There was a lull in e/m traffic. I chose HH and River.. P Bell says that in the latest edition of the Downing College old boysí magg R Jones says how much he enjoyed playing in Wild Oats. Dr Zís new book is due out next April.

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