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2010-09-11 - 4:40 p.m.

Last night I had a chance to put some Dh on Evening using the score Gilbert had provided. Initially - just on sound alone I had put the piece in Bm, and had swittched the Dhorn so I could finger it in Am. The written music rather disguises the key centre not least the opening chord - from the bottom Db C G which is an Eb13 (perhaps). However there is a Gb7 at a kind caesura point and other clues - the main thing is to spot which notes from the set G G# A A# is being used at any point. Surprisingly I went with the first take (I had rehearsed quite a bit) - I put a fair amount of processing on - phasing and delay - which led quite a 'produced' Dh sound in contrast with the natural sound of the lute. It is a catchy tune which sticks in the mind. I am aiming to try some more lines. I also have an emerging path - using lines created as an improvisation against a certain background, for totally different purposes. I have recycled one Dh line three or four times already. Paul W sent a positive response to the first version of Evening.

The bear played Collection 09 from Fifths etc which is one of the less often heard pieces - I liked this one - maybe it belongs in NYC0303. It was followed by Gil Scott-Heron - A Sign of the Ages. I had wondered about going to Sotto Voce but decided against it as there is a project tomorrow that involves a similar journey. There was an e/m from AK about his videos. SV1 threw up the Delfonics doing Ready or not Here I Come - that station is full of surprises. Bette mailed about her broken IT which currently prevents her from following up the link to AK's 4tet vid.

I took the Evening Dh line, slowed it down, lowered its key and then took a copy which I made a parallel line a major third down. I was expecting the lines to get slightly out of phase but this wasn't the case. I added a low line which ended up on vibraphone and then some turntable noises from the SMS library I had a lot of trouble with the ordinary IT getting the thing sent over to Gilbert. I eventually managed to transfer the mp3 to the other laptop and send it on from there.

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