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2010-09-10 - 6:08 p.m.

Quite late getting up - SV1 Radio then I switched the bear to my own radio. Sooner or later it was You Turn Me On I'm a Radio which was a much-needed feelgood item - also Back in My Arms Again. Planning a visit to the old school band gig on Sunday. Also some feedback from Derek on Airburst Suite - he picked out Wild about Herself - I have to say I find it very catchy - Dr Hindsight should note. I have abandoned the idea of going to Ray's at Foyles tonight in case the project flares up. There seem to be plenty of free performances there eg next week. Gilbert mailed about software for cleaning tracks - he said he will send me to leadsheet for Evening. Japanese post-pop band Mono have an album called Formica Blues - I wish I'd thought of that title. LS3 formerly Day In Day Out came up and I thought it was OK - then Jackson Browne singing about the Bear in LA. I posted something on the Autopsy shout page. Dr Z likes Malta and Sicily. Some discussion of graphic design with Derek - also his suggestions on alt.country artists. A poem about the Blitz on Patteran Pages. I put together some CV type material for the new prospective assignment and sent it off with fingers crossed. Bear picked a Philip Glass arrangement of Aphex Twin.

The mail was strangely silent as the day wore on. I didn't feel inspired to do anything much in SMS. Looked an AK vid - very impressive


also watched the one about the 4tet


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