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2010-09-03 - 1:39 p.m.

Radio Supervixenno1 continues to occupy the bear constructively and provide him with new material - even Saturday Sun. E-m exchanges with the Jazzmonk continue - I have sent Dhorn Canon1. Last night I made it to Cafe Oto in good time - luckily the doors were open. The salon took the form of a quiz and a panel. The quiz was based on 6 items of sound art. A list of 20 possibilities was provided and you had to identify which of the 20 each of the 6 actually was.Someone got 4 right which impressed me. The picture which emerged from the panel was of a new genre - sound art - establishing itself. A dedicated gallery has opened and a few academics are publishing books on the topic. Sound art somehow distinguishes itself from music - the way the recording was made is often an important element. For example this isn't just a recording of birdsong - it's a recording of birdsong at Chernobyl - then it can be sound art. In music concrete there was the idea of presuppositionless listening to sound. But it seems in sound art that there is meant to be an imaginative response driven partly by the absolute character of the sound plus the description offered eg this is the sound of small electrical impulses in a psycho-active plant. The Salon was pretty full and it certainly made me think. This is one of the panel

Dr. Salomé Voegelin is a Swiss artist and writer based in London. She is concerned with the practice and philosophy of sound.

Her practical work plays with visual perception through sound and encompasses single screen and installation video and audio work, as well as radio productions and compositions for CD. Her work has been shown in the UK and around mainland Europe. Most recently 'Barry Echo', produced in collaboration with David Mollin, has been included in Playing with Words, edited by Cathy Lane, CRiSAP and RGAP, Cornerhouse Publication, 2008. In 2007 she was commissioned by RADAR to produce a site-specific work for Loughborough, England, and a collaborative work for the Bregenz Kunstverein in Austria. Much of her current work explores the space of radio as a location of information and its invention. The pieces take on a documentary character to fictionalise reality. In 2006 she was commissioned to curate an on-line sound arts exhibition Clickanywhere, which plays with the space of speech-based work and its installation in cyberspace and reflects her ongoing interest in the curatorial issues of sound based work.

In relation to this she is currently involved in exploring the development of radio art in relation to the imminent digital switch-over and the already available on-line platforms for internet streaming and podcasting. She is currently involved in the organisation of an international workshop dealing with these themes to be hosted in Zürich, Switzerland, at the end of October 2009.

She is regularly invited to conferences and in 2008 presented a talk on Noise at Architectones in Besançon, France. Her writing focuses on the articulation of an aesthetics and philosophy of sound. Some recent texts include 'Sonic Memory Material as "Pathetic Trigger" ' in Organised Sound (2006) , 'Vüllig Losgelüst', chapter in Autumn Leaves: Sound and the Environment (Double Entendre, 2007) and 'Night Train', chapter in Nachtschichten (Edition Fink, 2008). Her book 'Listening to Noise and Silence: Towards a Philosophy of Sound Art', will be published by Continuum Press in April 2010.

She is currently preparing a collaborating with the Institut für Gegenwarts Kunst in Zürich (IFCAR) to research into polyphony in sound art. This research project will explore, through audio works and research, the status and expression of polyphony in verbal sound art, particularly in relation to compositional strategies and the listening engagement in non-semantic layers of speech.

Mick South's CD arrived - direct from the artist himself - Black Country country - which is pretty impressive as a solo production. Dr Z mailed about lists.

I tried the three versions of Bark1 from yesterday on the laptop speakers - I thought each stood up. I mailed Gilbert about them and he suggested we keep 4 with the last one to be made later today. I also attempted to contact Dr Hindsight. I posted a couple of thoughts to the LEP linkedin group.

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