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2010-08-30 - 6:05 p.m.

I got the bear up about 7am again - and kept him working on triphop radio. My main concern was how the beats I added to the piano chords sounded in the cold light of day - better than expected. Maybe the piece is settled at about 2 minutes. I think I will use the chord sequence again - well in fact I have already put it into the rhythm piece I saved - but I think it may be too much effort hand crafting a groove.

I have realised that in SMS if you change the BPM the pitch of the sample doesn’t alter but remains constant - but you can alter the pitch while maintaining the tempo - you can alter the pitch of individual samples. This all kept me reasonably busy. Dr Z was so busy he didn't post anything for a long while. I think it should be possible to take textural synth samples and play two copies of the same smaple eg a fourth or fifth apart. I'd rather have the harmonize capabilities of Wavelab but this is better than nothing.

It was quite warm. But despite that I kept on with my explorations of the functionality and at least two pieces emerged - we will have to wait and see whether I think they are worth keeping tomorrow. I used the linkedin messaging to say hello to Wendy, Bette and my XXpatriot friend.

It seems in fact there are 5 pieces with today's date - two are Dhorn canons, two are around roughly the same chord progression and one is based around applying quartals to textural synth extracts - in contrast with the rather rich sounding soft synth piano.

I would like to record electric guitar - maybe it's time for the Behringer amp simulator.

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