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2010-08-29 - 6:34 p.m.

I got the bear out of bed before 7am – he coped quite well but then he had the day off yesterday. I gave him a bit of break while I played Bark1 and Quartaloops which look as if they might be the first things Gilbert picks up. The works’ server is still out. Bark2 and Bark also exist currently. Bark exists as an mp3 I have sent to Gilbert. Bear played some Ornette Coleman and I realized there is no way I can avoid his influence with the Dhorn. He also played some of the Philadelphia Expt remix which sounded really good but I still don’t recognize it even though I have bought it. I fiddled around with some of the fragments from yesterday but didn’t make much progress at first. I went back to the harmonic sequence I had knocked out for the vibraphone yesterday and notated it more carefully. It starts with a Db major chord over a pedal A natural but this sounds relatively consonant for reasons I don’t understand – I have found the best way to improvise on this harmony on the Dhorn is to use a C scale with my finger on the semitone up button. I now really want to make something of these chords. This means trying to edit the rhythmic synth WAVs that I have been using in the spaces between the chords – they are mostly in D.

I dragged myself away from Works2 to North Marine Drive. The last track is A Girl in Winter which happens to be the same title as Philip Larkin’s second novel – can’t tell if this is an accident or not. I found some more SMS downloads and located the piano software synth, loading it properly – I put the piano into the chord sequence replscing the vibraphone and added some synth strings to the spaces around the chords. Maybe its getting somewhere. I think this one is going to be a bit of a journey. I will go on finding ways of extending and refining it I think. I listened to some Triphop Radio – Mandalay turned up sounding good again. I played that chord sequence on the guitar but transposed it into a so I could use the pedal E under an Ab quartal major.

I had the sense to buy enough Bud for three nights last night. The film doesn’t look so good tonight. Dr Z is picking up momentum with his new job.

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