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2010-08-28 - 9:02 p.m.

The works server was nowhere to be seen so no ems at all. The bear was up though playing minimal techno. SMS offer free tunes online – I downloaded and played this week’s offering but it’s not immediately obvious how I will use the sounds. B played late D Graham and then some Comus who are late in their own way. I had woken thinking about Poor Boy and the bear kindly put it on – there had been discussion with PW about the multiple points of view on BL – to what extent this was an intentional outcome or a bi-product. The vocals are only just there and yet covers seem to miss something out. I tried and failed to record MIDI in SMS. The bear turned the radio off before long – I suppose he wanted a Bank Hol weekend too. I decided to cut back the Cageian piece and try some other experiments with it – I quickly reached a point where the system was unstable. I ended up doing something with bits of Solid Air with some extra processing in Kristal. Then shuffling round Disc2 of The Works which I like so much just now – I can’t explain the familiarity of the material. Lonesome for the Place I Know for example. There are times when they remind me of HallnOates which probably isn’t a complement for most people.

I have loaded an attempt at a British valve amp from the SMS disc – I was surprised to see it available in Kristal. Its EQ structure suggests to me it s based on a Marshall. But I haven’t found any sounds that I want to apply it to – Dhorn is a possibility I suppose. There s also meant to be a piano on the SMS disc which I have tried to load but I can’t find in the software. I found Dr Z’s blog – it was about an orientation day for postgrads – must be a universal phenomenon.

I used a couple of the new loops in a sketch – rhythm in a tonic against vibraphone chords. I spent a lot of time shaping the rhythmic answers to the harmony – not that I started out with a sequence in mind – the rhythmic extras helped to tell a harmonic story. Then I wondered about deleting an attempt at a percussion sequence I made in MIDI – instead I added some of the WAV loops from yesterday’s download – it could even turn out to be a Dhorn feature.

Eventually I went up to the Polish shop for some bud – I really ought to try the Polish beer – in fact there’s lots of interesting looking Polish fare. I think it’s the Bourne franchise again tonight. Paul B is in Detroit.

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