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2010-08-27 - 5:46 p.m.

We went out to eat at Marjorie's. There were a couple of bottles of Rioja - the first was definitely the better one. I spent a lot of the time talking to Dick who had been a geologist. We talked about the A3 tunnel which is being built at Hindhead. I drank too much coffee and so didn't go to bed until 3am. The other guest came in a Porsche and left early.

This morning bear pulled out Wild About Herself to cheer me up. The laptop was giving me grief getting into the Cageian piece. I wondered how James was finding his first day in his new surroundings. I tried Triphop Radio. Gilbert mailed from hospital to say he was feeling better - which is very good news indeed. He said that he thought he'd be able to work with abstract sounds. By this time I had modified the file - I wonder if I have domesticated it too much?

I set out to play the remainder of disc2 of EBTG The Works - then I discovered I had set it to shuffle but so what. The e-ms were quiet - I think a lot of people have sloped off for the Bank Holiday weekend. I tidied some of my SMS files - not like me. I realised that when 32 bit Audacity files are played in 16 bit SMS they don't come out right. Disc2 is quite pop-soul.

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