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2010-08-23 - 8:56 a.m.

PW is back from his trip (I think) and mailed me a photo of him playing in the Union in 1968 - immediately after this performance I introduced myself thinking that here was someone who sounded like he'd been at Les Cousins - which of course he had. I also played the mp3 from 1972 of the Footlights band playing the audience out in 5:4. I have put it here


Bear started the day with Rainy Night House. You sat up all the night and watched me to see who in the world I might be. Then the impressively archaic piece by John Renbourn - followed by Chris Pureka and De-Phazz and 60/40 which I haven't heard for a while. New York Lower East Side fame in a golden circle game. Bear played Fifths One - I can't think where I got some of those sounds to go with the CZ101. Amazon suggested I might like the new David Toop book whch is about the philosophy of sound. It's annoying to think they could be right again.

I tried the sonnet meldody line on the Dhorn against the organ and decided to program it using a chiffy pipe sound. I did the first 8 lines - and had a glance at the next 6. So far so good. The bear turned up while I was doing this and I let him turn the radio off and have a rest. Actually programming the line felt like quite hard work - shifting from stave to piano roll. I have been playing the Cageian piece a bit just to make sure. It makes nice patterns in the windows media player and it sounds OK on the laptop speakers. Perhaps having a bold structural idea is better than carefully crafting things to fit together.

I sent Gilbert the current version of an ambient groove piece and spent the afternoon on the sub-Jobim piece. Gilbert has just replied with a thumbs up and the unfortunate news that his back pain was caused by an infection which means he has to rest. Not knowing about this I had just sent him the sub Jobim piece.


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