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2010-08-03 - 7:41 a.m.

Nosowska has a certain appeal I find - and she gets herself remixed. I should work my way right through Speculations. My ex-ex-patriot friend is back from Ireland which sounds as if it was fun. Dick Jones has mailed about Fin. The idea of learning a new DAW is quite appealing - in principle at least.

Joan Osborne arrived looking very good value. It may not be modern but it is funky. She makes How Sweet It Is into a torch song. Isaac Hayes duets on one track. My guess is that this album was made to feed off her extra exposure in the Standing In the Shadow of Motown film. There's a slow groove version of Edwin Starr's War - also Why Can't We Live Together and Axis Bold as Love. I fixed to have lunch with Mike today in Belgravia.

It looks as if I may have been letting my laptop software get out of date in terms of its anti virus protection. The bear played Miss Mitchell’s Both Sides Now – which is clearly better than Judy Collins’ as the critics say. I had trouble getting fluent in the edit functions of Audacity. Dr Z is in Paris and it was raining when he posted.

Gilbert and I have decided to standardize on the Sony Music Studio 8 – in the hope it will be easier to swap pieces in development. I have been working with Audacity and Kristal in parallel trying to develop a fast beat driven piece. The IT was generally not best behaved despite me going to lengths to update the protections.

It was interesting watching Twiggy walk round Southwold on TV on Sunday night. I know that part of the world quite well - and Mike has a flat on the Broads just in Suffolk which I have nearly visited. The bear came up with Betty Davis’ Anti Love Song – what a funny girl. Also Cassandra Wilson's version of Time After Time from Travelling Miles. He also played SS9 followed by J Newsom's Book of Right-On and the United Future Organization . We are keeping fashionable company

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