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2010-08-02 - 8:46 a.m.

Paul rang on Saturday having got rid of his Frenchman. It looks like he is going to be busy this coming week and so I won't be visiting for a while. We talked about going to Boat-ting. On checking I see it's on tomorrow night and to be honest I am tempted The other Paul mailed about dog days not being over and how your guitar can be your friend. I think he has a Swiss pupil about to arrive.

I searched around for material that might be developable with Gilbert. There was more than I thought there would be. Maybe I will have to join You Send It if we are going to be swapping WAVs. I am gradually getting the hang of Kristal - not that it's all that tricky but the effects are parameterised in their own sweet way, especially the compressor. I think I may soon be embarking on a big editing job in that software. I worked up something that fell out of an experiment I made earlier this year with a trial copy of an inexpensive Sony DAW - which I decided not to buy. Then today re-reading about a related heavily discounted product I put in an order to Amazon. It has some interesting MIDI features and I have bought a MIDI/USB cable.

I am playing the U2 at the moment using the neck pick-up with a fair amount of top rolled off - normally I like to let single coil pick-ups ring but this muted approach makes me work harder with my fingers.

The new philosophy has launched its first journal which is free here


The bear was up at a reasonable time for a change and kicked off with Gardenia Talk and then Slutfire. I am getting to enjoy using Kristal. Monday again.

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