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2010-08-01 - 1:34 p.m.

OOO had a post about first reading Being and Time. I haven't read it yet but I did start on a fairly detailed commentary. There are books I can remember the first reading of - Honest to God while listening to A Love Supreme as a teenager for example - or Investigations in my first term.

The time will come when I have to plug an instrument into the laptop, open Kristal and see if I can play well enough to record. There is a second tune on the stocks which is overtly about V/I and II/V/I. Then I will export the WAV, convert it to MP3 and mail it. There are still parts of the sonnet setting guitar part which are falling into place - then I have to refine the vocal line. I am using quartal runs where previously I had 4 beats of a major chord.

Some of the Philly Expt sounds like Miles' 70s difficult music. I changed planes in Philly on the way to Detroit once but I have never stayed there. I think it's where Trane was friends with Wayne Shorter and where he introduced Trane to Language Truth and Logic. The Expt has some less inspiring passages but not that many. The bear showed up just before lunch to play the Unbending Trees' Overture.

I tidied up the LastFM site with material Gilbert kindly provided while watching the Sondheim Prom.


The anti-spy software found 51 things it didn't like on my laptop.

Gilbert and I worked on exchanging files for further development - typical fun with IT in terms of trying to find a feasible path. I loaded a track into Kristal for some radical EQ engineering and it seemed to work OK. I read AK's latest diary entry.

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