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2010-07-11 - 6:29 a.m.

The bear played the original 1958 On Green Dolphin St with the Kind of Blue band - it never sounds stale. He also slipped in There's A Boat That's Leaving which was on the first MD EP that I bought as a teenager. And eventually So What.

I mailed the Ghosts foto to Diana. It was very warm and I slobbed around most of the morning - at least there was some gtr playing. The bear played the first Gnossienne - it didnt sound like a piano but more like a guitar. The score is freely available online. The album is called Piano Dreams but I can't tell why. I read AK's diary as I usually do on a Saturday.

I have also joined the LibDems news service and the first e/m arrived - nothing in it about school-building. I am still trying to get Goldfrapp even though she is likened to TT. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell never fails with JJ supplying the underpinning. I am still thinking about working up the gtr part based on his line for Uptight.

Tin Tin Out seem to have disappeared in the noughties. It's the memories of the shed that make me turn red. Actually I think I lifted the line for the instrumental bit on the Byron setting.


The bear likes Water Falls Down. In fact I am still one of Robin's Top Listeners. On her charts California Girl is second but the bear never plays it - that makes no sense whatsover - what can he have against it? He likes the live BBC version of Jesus was a Crossmaker.

I have the Tractatus by my bedside not that I am a great bedside reader. But I do open it at random sometimes. In its radical construction of the world it's a bit like Badiou. I opened a page the other day which was fundamentally correlationist in the way it posited the isomorphism of language and the world. Talking of SR, a post came through about a Polish review of The Prince of Networks. I fwded it to Paul who has been taking an interest in matters Polish - me I'm wondering about a return trip to Budapest.

The bear played some John Renbourn from Sir John Alot. He used to be my hero having seen a gig by chance when I was 15 and impressionable. I have been thinking that I need to write to Gilbert proposing that I put 10SS on LFM. Bear played the Dowie Dens of Yarrow which isn't quite my idea of folkrock but the Hammond is good and the drumming is very FC-like. There are better things on Stargazer I think but her voice on this one is very like Sandy.

I tracked down a recent LFM friend and asked the bear to play stuff from that library - Peace Orchestra, LTJ Bukem. Then we switched one of my two other LFM friends where the 2nd CD of Aerial came up.

Now that the sonnet has a definite shape it seems impossible to start another - as I rather want to. I watched the Verdi opera on BBC2 but it wasn't really my thing.

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