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2010-07-10 - 11:38 a.m.

The Linkedins have stabilised at 42. One of the recent ones is a woman who was in the house in Islington where the band Ghosts emerged around 1976. I have recently been sent a photo of Ghosts at a gig. The person in question now lives in San Diego but comes back to Wales quite frequently. I looked up SD on wikipedia - it has an enormous bridge across the bay and is close to the Mexican border.

I have been working the sonnet setting on the Crafter - getting the transitions between sections smooth and polishing up the bassline. It now has an introduction which more in Em than in C. I will rework the melody when the accompaniment is really fixed. I am reluctant to send the Pianobox off - I can't work out why.

I am still eagerly waiting for some response on the business proposition I put forward. I have joined Google alerts - only one topic but the first one looked very helpful.

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