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2010-07-08 - 12:33 a.m.

Only one more Linkedin link. I set off for London at 10.45am to get to Waterloo by midday. I had arranged to meet someone I went to school with who has recently returned from the Middlle East where he worked for an oil major. He has bought himself a flat in Forest Hill. We enjoyed a very slow lunch in a winebar by the RFH catching up on a lot of recent episodes - also what our children are up to. We carried on til past 3pm - fortunately the winebar wasn't busy and so there was no prressure to move on. I got back around 4.30pm and started to work through some e/ms. A third schoolfriend lives in Bath and I mailed her about the meeting.

I was interested in the way that Gove has messed up over cutting the school rebuilding projects. Amazon have asked for a review of the quartal harmony book. I have approached the author on Linkedin. I mailed Andrew about some links between Sgt Pepper and ITCOTCK which are made in the Cambridge Guide to SP.

I watched the BBC2 programme about modern memorials which I thought was a bit ghoulish. Nice to see Zizek on Newsnight.

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