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2010-06-29 - 7:30 a.m.

I was sent a picture of the post-punk band Ghosts gigging in a pub somewhere - 2Pauls Collin and me. I fwded it to interested parties. I heard my laptop has been cured of its virus. The bear was into techno-minimalism but he also played Night Dances which is minimalist and techno-ish in its own way.

I wondered what I was going to do about the Pianobox - whether to buy another bit of connectivity and give it a final chance? I went for the extra connectivity - to allow the Dhorn MIDI to USB into a laptop - and maybe to get the laptop to wake up the Pianobox? The bear played the mystery Green Dolphin St. Surprisingly little reaction from the recipients of the stuff I sent out over the weekend. More polishing the sonnet setting -I will start to write it out as soon as the manuscript gets here.

Sue mailed to say she had fotos of a party band Paul and I had at about the same time as Ghosts. Robin's latest Smokin Too Long always sounds great not least the exemplary guitar - followed by the Detroit Sex Machines - another trace from the late 70s. Then Pfunked Up by Alan Steward - wish I'd thought of that title - I supposed it could be adapted - All Pfunked Up etc. I don't know why TT's latest isn't on LFM. kdlang still sounding good on All You Can Eat. Perico Sambeat sounds a hot Spanish alto player.

I tried Esthero, Breath from Another - I think its the selection of samples that lets it down. There was a report which ranked the top 30 countries worldwide on some aspects of business friendliness. I came across a similar thing at the weekend but I couldn't track it down again.

I ordered some fresh reading for my hol - a history of noise music.

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