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2010-06-28 - 6:54 a.m.

I tried getting membership of a lot more Linkedin groups - most of them put my application into pending so I'll have to wait and see if I get anywhere. I enjoyed Ms Shankar on the AM show - she looked a real virtuoso - funny to think she is related to Norah Jones as a half sister. I listened to some of the Archers omnibus - Pip has left her college course - the episode finished on this. Then the Politics Show at Glastonbury (a bit). Back to the bear and Walking Wounded. I have sent so many links around the place that I am wary of adding to them. Anothing run at the sonnet setting - I think the shape is there. I ordered some manuscript paper.

Wendy mailed about the OECD tome on innovation and I replied - I think its pretty good for free. I also got am approach from another LFM user who has the highest musical compatability with me - that's a novelty. I mailed Dick Jones about my setting of Byron. The bear is keen on Mandalay and I am beginning to see what he is getting at. I think he's right about Thievery Corporation. I watched some of the match.

What should I be reading after Feenberg on Heidi and Marcuse? I have another monograph somewhere about Heidi and the idea of a university - this seems a bit narrow. Badiou is still lurking. I approached another TT fan on LFM and listened to that radio. A nice slice from the second side of Aerial for example. The bear had a fit saying he'd run out of content which I thought was very ill-mannered considering it was someone else's library. Anyway at least there was Stevie Wonder at Glasto later on.

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