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2010-06-27 - 8:44 a.m.

I am going off weekends. It's just me and the bear again. He is getting to like My Brightest Diamond - who is said to mix Nina Simone, Portishead and Kate Bush vocally which is a promising start and PJ Harvey on the guitar - even better. The other day he pulled a cracking treatment of Ain't Nobody's Fault But Mine by Nina Simone - electrifying. He has also alighted on Sybille Baier who is a rather down German 70s folksinger rediscovered in the noughties. And if I hadn't got the point he played Nico's 60/40. He still likes Octave One - I must try harder with them.

There was an e/m from a contact who works in the university sector describing his recent research to which I replied in detail. I discovered a report called 'radical efficiency' which is apparently what the public sector needs these days or will need in the near future. The source of the report turned out to have quite a few other useful documents - which I spread around my various links. So effectively I treated Saturday as a work-day bearing in mind I am meant to be working part-time. I mailed James some stuff about transition and Arab democracy.

I think the sonnet setting might be getting there. I watched the BBC2 programme about tenors which was quite entertaining esp the link between early recording and the tenor voice sonorities. Then Muse from Glastonbury - there are 880 pages of shouts about Muse on LastFM. The total for Joni Mitchell is 13; Jeff Buckley it's 58. I chose one of these Muse shouters at random and was surprised to find that my musical compatability was medium. I was also surprised when they did a Nina Simone song. In the middle of this an e/m arrived from a Linkedin group on innovation. I wondered about switching over to the Carpenter movie on ITV - I like his 70s stuff.

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