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2010-06-26 - 9:28 a.m.

John Densmore talking about Elvin Jones on radio 4 first thing. I called on the bear who started well with Gil Evans' The Time of the Barracuda - somewhere I have a guide to that way of arranging which I hope I can recover. It's on the way to a sixties style of harmonic thinking like some early-ish Hhancock compositions. That track has Elvin Jones on drums and Ron Carter on bass, Phil Woods and Eric Dolphy on saxes. Then a brief track from Monsefus -Fever Needs - and Midnite Blue which is always a delight - she still tops my LFM charts. He excelled himself with Unbending Trees' Overture - followed by the best Esthero track which rather misled me into getting the whole album. There are shouts on LFM saying it's a favourite. Then Carl Craig from the Detroit Experiment - the bear ought to play some other tracks from this - otherwise I am going to have to get another copy and it's over 20 in the UK now and $20 in the US. Not much e/m traffic. Practised the JJlick. Booked a haircut for the hols. Postcard from Valencia. Good news on the Patteran Pages.

Robert Hood makes minimal techno - a genre I am destined to like. The Quantic Soul Orchestra play modern funk with a flute. The Speakeasy remix of Aquanote is hot (still). Another warm day. Various innovation posts on Linkedin. It's a while since I spent the whole morning listening to the bear - I think he may be shifting his preferences although he still throws in EBTG.

I finished Feenberg on Heidi and Marcuse - and read some more Kolakowski. I got to a first draft of a Totton sonnet setting and extended the JJlick further - up to the 12th and 14th fret.

I decided I didn't understand Octave One.

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