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2010-06-24 - 8:29 a.m.

The continental adaptor didn't arrive. I watched PMQs - Harriet Harman was on good form again. There were various papers and research reports around mostly about the NHS - also the marine industries. The Wire Weekly arrived. I watched England win. Amazon mailed with some very well targeted suggestions about contemporary noise theory.

I am now firmly attached to the bridge pu on the U2. I think it better suits the dense quartals around the 1st and 2nd fret. I started to work on scales comprising stacked fourths - three and then four of them, also the James Jameson lick. I am wondering if I am going to be able to set words to the sequence I have developed which is becoming quite well established. The octatonic scales are improving - I am trying to get the two which include E down. I have also been playing So What as a solo instrumental.

I pressed on with Feenberg on Marcuse - he is working hard to make M acceptable to current perspectives and he is hampered by the fact that M is not all that clear in the first place. He thinks that M's approach would have worked better if he had accepted Heidi's analysis of production and form. There's a good F article here:




The production/form idea is in a work of Aristotle that I used to have. It might have been the Physics, Anyway the explanation of shaping a rudder out of wood is bang on target in terms of the material's potential.

It was so hot that I went up to the local Polish shop and bought a cool can of Bud. When I got back the bear played Give Me A Reason - he must be trying to butter me up. He also played the classic 6tet version of On Green Dolphin St then the Unbending Trees.

I mailed Rob suggesting we go and see the Blow Up exhibition at the Latham museum in Peckham. I do like the electric piano on JM's Dont Want to Know.

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