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2010-06-21 - 10:12 a.m.

On Saturday night I watched the Herzog film about the US airman shot down and captured in Laos. The quality of the television picture wasn't really up to the standard of the film images. Even so it was better than the Harrison Ford kidnap thriller on the other side.

There are so many quartal voicings to explore - just in one key never mind learning them in all twelve. Some alter very little within the II V I sequence while others show very dramatic shifts. Some are very similar in the first and final chord but with a big change in the second. Will I put some of them to good use? It's hard to say at this point. At least I can say to people that I am playing something again. There are the octatonic scale runs as well. I am trying to do three octaves up and down. I haven't made much progress with II V I in the minor with quartals.

It's strange how it's easier to read philosophy riding on trains than sitting in a chair with a CD playing. At the moment the blogging on OOO is quite frequently about the World Cup. This blog disappeared from Google - impossible to say where it went.

I called the bear up, not having seen him for a few days. He was on decent form - You Turn Me On I'm A Radio, There is a Light that Never goes out, the Unbending Trees' Overture, Give Me a Reason, a couple of tunes from Out of the Woods.

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