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2010-06-18 - 8:14 a.m.

I have been making progress with the Marcuse book. I have got to the bit where Feenberg tries to show that in Marcuse, Aristotle, Hegel and Heidegger combine with Marx in a new theory of productive labour as the primary means to reveal the world. After this I know that he is going to digress into Lukacs - I don't mind this at all, as at Sussex I spent some time struggling with History and Class Conciousness. When I visited Budapest, I began to understand some of its 20th century history and how Lukacs threaded his way through. He was keeping out of trouble in Berlin when the Nazis took over and so he fled to Moscow just in time for the purges and WW2. He was tangled up in the 1956 revolution in Hungary and was lucky not to be executed. I used to have a copy of his Theory of the Novel too somewhere. Marcuse has been very out of favour and Feenberg is doing an excellent job of arguing a more sympathetic case for him. I am wondering whether to get another commentary on this strain in European thought.

It's interesting to compare the Hhancock version of Hana with the one on Shine. I have started practicising octatonic runs on the guitar. I ordered the Pianobox from Germany. There have been some additions to my Linkedin profile.

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