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2010-06-17 - 10:50 a.m.

I caught the tube to Canada Water on the Jubilee Line and met up with Rob who drove me to his new flat which faces onto the river not far from where the Regents Canal enters the Thames. It was a beautiful day and so everything looked its best. We had some coffee in the flat and listened to Hhancock - a DVD which had Miss Mitchell singing the River with Marcus Miller on bass. The lounge of the flat looks onto the Thames.

We set out along the Thames Path towards Tower Bridge and diverted around Canada Water stopping at a pub for a late lunch. The pub had an upstairs room from which you could see up river to the City and down river may be a couple of miles. Then we walked on to the London Assembly building and round the nearby amphitheatre to sit and have a coffee at a riverside cafe. By then it was time to meet Wendy who had been working in Guys - we met up just by the Shard which is destined to be the tallest building in London - over 60 stories high. We walked to Bermondsey High St - a pub just passed the Fashion Museum. I talked to Wendy about what the coalition is likely to do to the NHS - not a very happy prospect.

We walked to London Bridge where I caught the tube back. I was very impressed with all the development that has gone on on the land which used to be the Surrey docks.

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