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2010-06-16 - 12:05 a.m.

I found a multichannel jazz radio http://www.jazzradio.com/aajplay/hardbop

I was looking for something analytical about Eric Dolphy's style but I didn't have any success - there is a suggestion he used tone rows but I don't believe that even though he may have studied with Stein. I also listened some more to the stream at www.ebtg.com which made me order a compilation from Amazon - mostly stuff from the pre-electronica period. Rob mailed about today's plans. The cough hasn't quite disappeared.

The Pursuit of Happiness is just so likeable - is this because it's lounge? I followed up Bent who sometimes work with Rachel Foster and listened to their myspace stream but it didn't sound that promising. There was a letter in the post from Jason Creed about a book of PM articles which was encouraging - also an e/m from Dick Jones about gigging which I replied to. I said that rather than rebuild my flute technique which may not be possible with my teeth I was content to point at a remnant - here

http://www.last.fm/music/Ic1/_/Baroksambience (click play direct)

Someone mailed me a Coalition speech about Further and Higher Education which provoked a few thoughts. A drastic shake-up of the skills scene is promised unfortunately. There have been a series of posts from OOO which have clarified what object orientation might represent. I think I will press on with Feenberg on Heidi and Marcuse - I suspect this will help. Quite a few of the OOO posts are about the World Cup. Aquanote retains its appeal - there is only the one album but it could be worth trying something from the same label, Naked Music.

The Behringer UMA25s has the audio/USB interface built into the MIDI controller keyboard and can be secured for just over 70 which will include a big bundle of software. I listened to Ben Watt on You Tube including that one with a steaming Pete King solo. I can't find a way of getting this cheap. There was an e/m from Strange Feeling Records. PW and I exchanged thoughts about Dopplereffekt who seem to be deeply motorcity.

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