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2010-06-12 - 9:15 a.m.

My cold became a cough. Mike rearranged the infected laptop pickup to Monday which suited me. My joints ached esp my ankles - but mustn't grumble. The Philadelphia Experiment Remixed arrived and immediately sounded promising - funky and slightly eccentric which was a relief as my Groove Armada hypothesis doesn't seem to have worked out - Weekend Players are a one-off anomaly. The PER has short spacing tracks between the major tunes which makes me wonder how the original PE came out.

Not much in the way of e/m traffic. The bear picked There's a Boat that's Leaving, a Miles Davis Gil Evans collaboration which I have liked since I was a teenager - I may even still have it as an EP. All you can Eat by kd lang also arrived which cost almost nothing - I bought it on the strength of the 2nd track which I heard on LFM - it dates from 1995 and the whole thing is only 34 mins long. The arrangements and production are very well judged to my ears. It is one of a set of three solo albums, the first of which was Ingenue which made her name. I played through the first Esthero album which lacks focus, it has been suggested - certainly in comparison with kdl.

I had a go at more forth chord progressions - it shows up my poor left hand technique but suits the tone of the U2 with the Roland Cube. So the World Cup has started - I don't have any immediate urge to watch, say France vs Uruguay. I wondered, if I was getting a replacement for the neck pick-up of my Tele, whether I'd go for a classic replacement or something more modern like a humbucker that's been squeezed up so that it fits the existing narrow slot.

There's a fourth chord seventh which from the top goes G D A Eb B F - its a ninth chord with a flattened thirteenth - two frets higher it's a normal ninth thirteenth with a flattened fifth but with same root.

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