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2010-06-10 - 5:47 a.m.

I tracked down the Detroit Sex Machines out of curiousity - some free mp3s here




The Foxcomm suicide story about Chinese factory conditions was covered by the Today Programme. I read some of a research report on culture and performance in the NHS. Then I moved onto an article about the emergence of multinational corporations in Mexico and Brazil. Aril Brikha sounded good but looked expensive to purchase - its Assyrian/Scandinavian electronica. There's some of his music here


I couldn't help wondering what the postman would bring after all those messages from Amazon about despatches. I always enjoy Luther Vandross Give Me a Reason - I have marked it with a red heart on LFM. Also Baxter's Placid Mind. I see I have become a top listener of Judy Dyble's Dreamtime. The postman eventually brought the Rinzler book on quartal harmony which is larger than I imagined. It includes a suggestion for how the harmonies for All the Things You Are can be played in quartal harmony. It has got a few surprises - I have started on the first section which is about II V I progressions utilising fourth chords. Wherever possible this means 2 stacked 4ths in each hand - although thirds are sometimes allowed - and sharp fourths are very much welcomed. If you think of a stacked fourth chord with C at the top ie C G D A E - then besides acting as a tonic, Rinzler will also substitute it for a II chord and for the V chord he might use a So What chord with an augmented fourth in the root ie from the top C# A E B F - a 9th #11th 13th (with the genuine root omitted jazz style). This is in the basic principles section of the book which suggests to me I shouldn't rush it. Some of the chords I can finger without properly articulating ie I inadvertently block strings which should ring. Some of them are best played as 4 notes then the root / two low notes or vice versa.

I watched Prime Minister's questions. Brian May was on the Daily Politics defending foxes. The first Esthero CD, Heaven Sent from 1998, also arrived - apparently it didn't sell well when it was released although now some think it is a classic of trip-hop. Some of it sounds drum n bass derived to me but the mix with the nylon string guitar is original. One track is called Lounge - is this a stylistic banner? Its quite varied and so it's a bit premature to generalize.

I managed to find the KPMG report about public sector productivity and send it to some colleagues. Sid Perks had a fatal heart attack on the Archers - a shock right out of the blue - and in NZ too. Someone sent me a report about UK manufacturing and the balance of payments.

In terms of Saturday I wondered about R Thompson's Meltdown Festival.

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