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2010-06-04 - 10:39 a.m.

The laptop went into a never ending loop as I tried to log on – slowly round and round. Luckily I had already posted to Diaryland before I went to bed and there is another laptop that I could borrow. It was much more tractable than mine which must be going into some kind of terminal decline. The bear definitely seemed to prefer the borrowed machine. I am getting to like Baxter – the Swedish band – who he seems quite keen on. Dick Jones replied about wandering around NYC.

I practised/developed what is now emerging as the next song. I have found several new shapes – including some which are based around the idea of playing a portion of a scale – say G# A B C# - as a chord. Obviously they can’t all be in the same octave on the guitar – so the C# might be in the root and the A and B sit in the middle and the G# is up the octave. I have also found a new way of playing an Em and D triad together in a 6 note chord – effectively a D major scale without a C# (or it could be missing a C natural) – and a 5 note fourth chord on G# minor – very like an expanded B major fourth chord except G# is in the root and doubled. I am beginning to think about arpeggiation instead of just floundering with my fingers.

I decided that a way to simplify the Pacifica might be to only play each pick-up on its own and to avoid the blends. There’s no escaping that the U2 is easier to play. I am getting to like the idea of recording from the headphone socket on the Cube – and maybe use the same technique as I did on the 10SS for orchestration.

With this warm weather it’s just as well I bought some shorts yesterday – even though they reach below my knees. At least my calves stay cool – and possibly my ankles. I didn’t manage any of the outstanding activities.

The bear discovered that TT has covered Femme Fatale – well done him. He also picked Mark Hollis from Talk Talk sounding acoustic but innovative.

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