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2010-06-05 - 12:10 a.m.

The SONY laptop has got to go back to the works to be sorted out. I went to have all my hair shaved off. I had some time to waste and I took Daphne A Brooks' book on Grace to browse - still impressed by it. Another day for cool calves and ankles. Nothing from the postman. Amazon mailed requesting three reviews and I knocked out the easiest one - the Sorceror - there is no risk in making this an unqualified recommendation. The Badiou commentary will be much trickier. A link to a protest letter on Middlesex philosophy arrived - it's to the New York Review of Books and has some pretty big names in the signatories list.


James sent me some comments on the letter and I replied.

The bear played the other version of On Green Dolphin St and I tried to track down without success who is playing tenor. I did establish that the original OGDS is only available these days on a Japanese import which collects together tracks recorded by the Kind of Blue band months before that recording. The reviews of this album are very positive but because of its rarity its not cheap. I was very lucky as a teenager to pick up the OGDS EP which must now be quite a collector's piece - I think I know where it is. But it is strange given the reputation and popularity of KOB that CBS dont make these tracks more easily available - they could be promoted quite reasonably as related to the famous record.

I looked up the Detroit Experiment - also expensively available second hand on both sides of the Atlantic but a remix of the Philadelphia Experiment is available in the UK for 3 which struck me as well worth a punt - the reviews of the original and the remix were both positive and it falls under the heading of nu-jazz. I decided to switch to King Britt Radio. Miguel Migs came on who I see is linked to Aquanote which makes sense to my ears. Then I switched to Jazzanova Radio out of curiousity.

At 6.30pm I set off to catch two buses to the Italian restaurant in Richmond. Charlie and Leslie were already there and after about 10 minutes Sheilah turned up. The food and wine came and went and we chatted away - the front window of the restaurant had been opened up to provide a continental feel. Very good fun too. I caught a bus to the tube for the journey back.

I sent Charlie the link to my stash on LastFM


There is another mp3 which belongs here but it's unfortunately locked away on the broken laptop.

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