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2010-05-27 - 7:34 a.m.

Once again the day started lazily – I sent James a good luck text for his seminar . There were a couple of e/ms from PW which I replied to. I mailed off various articles and eventually got round to contacting the bear who was awake and in a tolerable mood. I fixed up a date to go to Rotherhithe and see Rob and Wendy in June. There are a couple of personal admin tasks that I need to get on with but which I don’t really fancy.

Bear played Aquanote – apparently not from the CD I have – his track sounded more electronic and less soulful with good beats programming – then I realised it was a deep remix of a track I do in fact have. I have been talking to Keith about how his son does remixes – I think I used to have an early copy of the software that’s often used – Traktor – but it has become much more elaborate than when I used to mess around with it. He also uses an external digital turntable device. I gave away my groove-box to the guitarist in Winnebago Deal but I could never work out how to get CDs into it other than the one it came with. I read through some of the instruction book for the SD-50.

I need to try Badiou unsupported before I come to the conclusion that I need to get that commentary that Amazon have suggested. My Eurostart/TGV tickets arrived. The bear went off in a huff and so I played the Art of the Fugue with Joanna MacGregor – I much prefer it on piano to organ. A request to update the photo on my driving licence but I haven’t driven for over 30 months.

I managed to administrate one of the things on the list which should be to my advantage. Laurence mailed about some new ethical topics he is thinking of getting into and I replied. I tried Mandalay Radio – after a few tracks it played Lamb on a CD I used to have.

The Patteran Pages report progress. I tried ND radio which turned up Jackson C Frank doing Milk and Honey. Surprisingly it has 60 shouts LFM.

I am curious about Luciana Souza who is married to Larry Klein.

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