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2010-05-25 - 7:31 a.m.

Bear woke up in at best a semi-communicative mood. He redeemed himself after an hour by playing Unbending Trees and TT plus the Sundays. Paul mailed about Eno at the Brighton Festival and I replied about the Swollen Year. Peter mailed about Latvia and I replied about the SD-50. I had a lunch date in Victoria between 12 and 12-30pm. I took Feenberg on Heidi and Marcuse to read on the underground.

I did the chapter about Heidiís use of Greek terminology and concepts surrounding technology both in the ancient and modern worlds. Itís an extremely good chapter which would repay more detailed study than I was able to give it on the train.

We went to a restaurant in the Grosvenor Hotel which is part of Victoria Station - tall ceilings and marble cladding were refreshingly cool. The food was extremely nicely cooked and well served but priced accordingly and it was easy to spend well over two hours chatting away as we ate.

The Piccadilly line was in a state on the way back and so I couldnít read much more of Feenberg but I did manage to skim the conclusion. The aim of the book is to rehabilitate Marcuse who is hard to read and nowadays considered to have been proved wrong. The rehabilitation shows what Marcuse took from his teacher, Heidi, before the latter went off the rails. Thereís also a bit about Lukacs that I havenít got yet.

Bear resumed thoughtfully with Come in from the Cold and Sweet Little Mystery. I looked up the cuts press notices from HMT and BIS.

I booked Eurostar to/from Avignon on 12 and 16 July and mailed my hosts. I played Aquanote and The River.

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